The subhāṣitas (Nīti-śataka, Vairāgya-śataka, Śṛṅgāra-śataka) of Bhartṛhari are some of the most quoted verses from Sanskrit literature. There have been many books containing translations or commentaries of these poems. Each of them has a different subset of the verses, in a different order. What if you could read all these books simultaneously? That is, what if you could easily navigate from any poem in any book to other books’ versions of the same poem?

This collection of webpages is a start in that direction. It puts together a few translations/collections ("books") of Bhartṛhari's poems:

To navigate, start with one of the books below, and click on the "⟷" below any poem that looks interesting:

A second way to navigate would be search.

You could also browse the complete list of poems (verses):

You can use the GitHub repository to report issues or other feedback, or to see the source code and data.